With all of the stress of wedding planning, it would seem like a significant burden to take on the project of designing and printing your own invitations and other cards that are needed from the save the dates to the thank you cards. The day is so personal, why not give the signatures of the event a personal touch.

With modern conveniences of customizable stationary readily available and craft stores on every corner building your own invitations can be fun. No bride I have ever met steps in without de-stemming the color scheme. This could not only be the starting point but would make wading through the ocean of paper choices much easier by reduce the choices significantly.

The right wedding invites for your event

When looking for the best wedding invites this website has some good samples. Invites for weddings come in all shapes and sizes. When you purchase the sets pre-made, there are limits to embellishments and styles. It becomes frustrating when the cute ribbon you want to use to package the set, does not come in your wedding colors. Sets that use rhinestones or other attractive embellishments such as a string of pearls add to the already exorbitant costs. Embellishments you can easily find at a craft store.

If the flower choices have been made for the ceremony, graphics or silk replicas can add a touch of elegance and beautifully tie the invitations with the place setting and other ceremony décor. A simple charcoal image could beautifully enhance the RSVP cards and add an elegant touch to the inside of the thank you card.

Engagement invitations that leave a big impact

Before you get the project started, make sure that you have enough time to finish your creations in time to be used. Use this timeline as a guide to decide if you will have ample time. For some nice ideas of engagement invitations click here to see the various types on offer. Invitations for engagement parties are best sourced from reputable sellers. Here are some excellent tips to consider:

  • Save the date – 6-12 months: Because this not a formal part of wedding etiquette, have some fun with this card. Be sure you have a guest list set before you start.
  • ‘Order’ the invitations – 4-5 months: Couples who are ordering pre-printed sets would do so at this point. Considering D.I.Y. can take some time, can you finish them by the time you should have them in the mail?
  • Send out invitations – 2-3 months: The further away a guest lives, the more time you should allow. Send to a guest who lives outside the country closer to 3 months.
  • Other stationary items – 2-3 months: Programs, rehearsal dinner invitations, menu cards, place cards, etc. You should be sure that all of these items can be produced by the time they are needed.
  • Send out rehearsal dinner invitations – 1 month: This event is really separate from the wedding itself. Normally, it is a smaller number of intimate guests and wedding party members.
  • Mail out your thank you notes- 1 month after wedding: Proper etiquette requires personalized thank you notes be mailed out 1 month after the wedding, especially for those who gave gifts.

If you find making your own stationery fun and rewarding, it is also a good way to celebrate others’ special day too. Making a card for such a special occasion adds a very personal touch with a sincere sentiment. Sharing your heart with your loved ones is wonderful, and the recipients will enjoy it even more when you spend the time to embellish in their style.

Saving money without cheating yourself on personal style, and expressing honest emotions are the strongest argument for D.I.Y. wedding invitations and cards. While stationery store items can be really nice, it can be hard to find just the right way to express the mood of the event accurately. Make sure you have time and have fun!