One of the more fun parts of home ownership can be having a shed. That small building in the yard has so many different possibilities, and storage is only one of them. Sure, you can keep your Christmas decorations, lawn mower, spare rakes, and a broken chair (that you swear you are going to fix someday) in there, but why not find a new home for those items and give the shed a new purpose? Preferably a fun one!

Shed Kits Are Affordable

Sheds can be made from metal, plastic or wood, and can be built from raw materials or put together from kits. The size and shape of the shed depends on what you plan to do with it, but many of us inherited a shed when we purchased our home, so short of remodeling, we will work with what we have. Shed kits can be built to match the style and exterior of your home, or they can have their own style. Sheds can be as basic as four walls, a floor, roof, and door, or they may have windows, electricity, and running water.

The best thing about your shed is the privacy that you have – want to play the drums? Or listen to talk radio? Or saw and hammer? A shed is a great place for that – you are still at home, but far enough away from the house that you won’t disturb anyone (or hopefully be disturbed).

Traditional Uses for Your Shed

  • Storage: This is the most common. Bulky items, off-season clothing, and decorations, or hazardous materials like paint and thinners can be stored safely away from the house.
  • Gardening shed: A gardening shed has some sort of potting area, and possibly a sink, to facilitate planting. Gardening supplies, including gloves, tools, soil, pots and seeds are usually kept
  • ATV/Motorcycle/Snowmobile storage: Our most fun “toys” in the summer or winter can be a huge pain if we keep tripping over them in the garage on the off-season. Sheds can be perfect for storage, and even for light tinkering.
  • Workshop: A shed that is properly outfitted can make a great workshop for virtually any hobby. Woodworking, building models, remote-control vehicles, or train collecting work well in your own enclosed, quiet space.

Sheds : Brisbane Loves Them!

  • As the house gets more crowded, even the sanctity of the man or mom cave can be disturbed. Yes, it is your own room, but you are still physically in the house to be consulted, bothered, and visited. If your children are old enough to be left alone for any period of time, this is a great place to get away to. Even if it just to watch the game, read a magazine, have a beer or an uninterrupted cup of tea, it can save your sanity. You can outfit it the way you want and enjoy your space. And you can even lock the door.
  • Home Office: Like most of these ideas, this will work best if your shed is insulated and has electricity, especially in colder climates. Putting your home office in your shed can have a lot of advantages – quiet, privacy, and an appointed place for all of your work belongings, so that the kids aren’t helping themselves to paper clips and notebooks without your knowledge. It also makes it easier to make the break between home and work. Just make sure you talk to your accountant about your home office deduction.
  • Outdoor kitchen: In the 17th and 18th centuries, kitchens were in a separate building to prevent the house from catching fire. Fortunately, we have come a long way since then, but if you entertain a lot, an outdoor kitchen can be the perfect solution to trekking in and out of the house. You can set up near your grill, keep a refrigerator and sink in the shed, and prepare your food near your guests.
  • Workout room: Again, working out is a nice way to get some quiet and solitude, especially with little kids in the house. You and your spouse can trade off time in the workout room, and the equipment is not in the house for your children to try to use or get hurt on.

With a little imagination and creativity, you can turn your shed from a place where you hang rusty and broken garden equipment into a vibrant, inviting, and quiet sanctuary from your everyday life. Brainstorm your own ideas – is there something you can do with your tiny home away from home?