bytes flyingIn this article, we are going to look at some of the amazing computer software tips you should know.

If you haven’t followed some of these tips previously, then this article can serve as a security checklist.

Computer software protects the following:

  • Data
  • Devices
  • Identity
  • Internet and security risks

Below are some of the amazing tips you should know:

Using Articulate Storyline Software

Articulate Storyline software is for Linux, Macintosh and windows. When you install it in your computer, then you can use the software to update and scan your files any time any day.


Choose strong Password

To operate some software effectively, you will need to create a password- this password should be unique and be remembered by you at all times. And also, remember to change your password periodically.

Backup your files

You can use some software to back up your files; it is necessary to back up your files, so that you can protect them from unforeseen circumstances. Back them up in such a way that the file can be retrieved any time you need it.

Visual Studio software

When using Visual Studio software you should safeguard your software at all times. Don’t leave them in an unsecured environment. The physical security of your computer software is very important just like the technical security.


Use email and Internet in a safe manner

While using your email and internet, read your mails regularly. Ignore unsolicited emails, and be careful with links, forms, and attachments from people you do not know. Flee from free downloads from shareware or freeware sites.

Use secure connections

Make sure you use secure connections, because your data can be vulnerable while you are on transit. So, secure file transfer options and use remote connectivity.

Protect sensitive data

All the sensitive data files from your hard drive should be securely remove. This will reduce the risk of identity theft. Protect your sensitive files with encryption tools.

Use desktop firewalls

Windows and Macintosh are perfect operating systems. Make sure you set them properly. Setting them properly will protect your files while scanning them.

Stay informed

You need to be aware of latest development for Unix, Macintosh, and windows systems. To do this, you need to be browsing daily to know what is happening in the digital world. If you are not the type of person that likes to read technology news daily, then there is a high possibility that you will be left behind.

Protect your computer

If your computer is not well protected, then it will never perform very well. You need to protect your computer both physically and technically. This can be done by using security and software settings. For you to make the difference, both are highly necessary.

If you are using strong passwords, yet leave your computer unlocked in unsecured places, then you are still putting the safety of the computer in jeopardy. If you are using anti-virus software, yet you are not careful with forwarding and replying to suspicious mails, then there are chances that you will spread a virus.