Do you want to beautify your home but are on a tight budget? There are many options for people looking to add beauty and class to their homes but at a fraction of a cost. One way to add some glamour to your space is to change the flooring. However, when people consider flooring they are often taken aback by the cost of installing marble or granite floors. This kind of flooring looks classy but is not easy on the pocket. This is exactly where colored concrete comes in. Not only does stained or colored concrete pass off for more expensive flooring, it’s pretty easy to install as well.

Read on to see why colored concrete has become the next big thing in the interior decoration genre. In fact most big designers these days advise their clients to make use of stained or colored concrete.

The advantages of colored concrete floors

  1. Adding a satin or polish to your usual concrete floors might enhance its aesthetic appeal. Whether you want the look of polished granite or sophisticated marble, concrete can be colored and polished to perfection. It’s one of the best faux flooring ideas out there. What’s more there are 3 D concrete floors which are a dream to look at and can add an instant appeal to any room.
  2. Colored concrete is relatively cheaper. Unlike marble and granite flooring which might cost you to the moon and back, the faux concrete floors add to the overall appeal of your home minus the cost. This is one of the major reasons why colored concrete is slowly becoming a popular flooring option.
  3. It’s being used across homes and commercial buildings across Australia. The best part is that it looks realistic enough to pass as the real deal
  4. Concrete floors are durable. They last for a long time and best of all their upkeep is pretty easy. All you need is to mop the floor with clean water and occasionally with a concrete cleaner like this one added to the water to get your floors looking like new at all times.
  5. Sealing off a concrete floor with epoxy and urethane coating would prolong its life. A concrete floor is meant to last for decades and doesn’t require any special kind of chemicals to be maintained
  6. Polished or colored concrete has the ability to reflect shine. Thus reducing the need for a great deal of lightening. It works well in commercial settings but has been taken up by home owners too. Thus a concrete floor could help make your space more energy efficient and in turn help you save on utility bills.

With so many benefits of colored concrete it’s no wonder more and more people are turning towards using it in their homes and offices. For the best colored concrete floor designs and painting products to help you come up with new ideas  make sure you check out the variety available at They have been helping homeowners redesign their homes by adding beautiful colored concrete floorings at reasonable prices.